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Free Methodist Missions
from around the world.

Our missionary outreach starts with a First Priority club in the public school.  We support as well a mission work with Native Americans across the state line in Washington.  We keep in touch with the Jacobson's who fly for MAF in Africa.  We have three missionaries, Beth Chase who is currently in Romania, and we have Mathew And Jennifer Brakeman, who are in Thailand working in Burma.

Remember Our men and women in the service.

S.R. Fields, Wyatt, N.  
Division: 053 SHIP: 13  
Recruit Training Command  
3420 Sailor DR  
Great Lakes, IL 60088-3127  

Our Church Outreach Projects:
THE PARABLE OF TALENTS:  See what happened when our church members took $20 and made it grow to raise money for fresh water wells in Africa.


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