Parable of Talents

Matthew 25: 14-30

Good Luck Everyone!!!!


Dear Fellow Servant,

Congratulations! You are now the owner of a brand new, $20 bill, compliments of Springs of the Living Water Church. This is  very special money because we hope that you will use it in a special way.

This money is going to a well in Africa, to supply fresh drinking water for an entire town . To accomplish this we are launching a unique fund raising event. Springs of the Living Water needs at least $1000 for the well.  It is our responsibility as a congregation and a community to bring aid to people with a need.  We have chosen this Mercy Well as our project.  To make this happen we need your help.

The money inside your envelope now belongs to you to use in any way you see fit.  However, we ask you to use your imagination and your talents to help us raise funds for the church. Ideally we'd like you to return at least double or even triple the amount  – we are aiming high, but don't let that put you off, smaller returns are also welcome! We want you to play a part in helping others - so the more you raise, the better.

We ask you to return the funds by the 19th of August (after the fair).


The rules are easy – there are no rules! We simply ask you to use your judgment and integrity to chose how best to invest your money and get more back.  We have not recorded who has been given the money – the Church  is taking a leap of faith that you will use the money appropriately and return your funds on time to Springs of the Living Water Church.

What to do with your money

To get the most out of this event, we suggest 3 things:

1)      Start planning now how you can raise funds – do not leave it to the last few weeks as you will find it increasingly difficult to find new and original ways to raise funds.

2)      Work with other members of the congregation to organize events and activities.  Not only will this make the whole fund raising easier – you'll have a lot more fun!

3)      Try to involve your friends and work colleagues outside of Springs of the Living Water  – the wider the audience we can attract, the more funds we can raise.

To get your imaginative juices flowing, here's a number of ideas on how you could use your funds: 

l     Organize a tea, dinner or cocktail party and charge your friends a fee to come.

l      Have a wagon ride and a picnic.

l     Buy some materials, get the family out in the open air and charge your neighbors to wash their cars or tidy their gardens.

l     Buy some ingredients and make home product that you can sell to the congregation or anyone.(a table will be available at the end of each service where you can set out your wares).

l     Sell your unwanted items on E-Bay and use the money to pay for the auction.

l     Make something with your talents and sell it at the fair. (find others who are doing the same and get a booth together.  We have to get it quick, if you want to Kim can get it for around $60, just let her know)

l     Pool your money together and do something bigger with it.

l     If you are good at sewing buy thread and offer to mend clothes.

l     Buy some starch set up an ironing service.

l     Offer your services to change the oil on peoples cars.

l     Rent yourself out to fix up things around the house.

l     Buy a pack of pop and resale for more and upcoming events.

l     Keep reinvesting your earnings to get more out of it.

l     Pool your money and have a spaghetti feed.

l     Purchase gas to mow lawns.

l     Blessings Jar...any unexpected savings or rebates end up in the Jar.

l     Hold a dog wash

l     Sell helium balloons during special events.

l     Have a car wash

l     Put together picnic baskets and sell them.

l     Pot plants and once they grow sell them.

l     Knit or crochet for the crafts table.

l     Buy bulk and resale.

l     Buy materials to can jam or pickle things.

l     Buy gas and taxi people around

l     Collect recyclables and bring it in for the extra money.

l     Put your money in the nearest slot machine (mmm, perhaps that's not such a good idea…!)

What to do when you have raised your funds

You now have 11 weeks of fund raising. We ask you to return the funds one Sunday between the 4th and the 19th of August.  There will also be a box at the back of the church where you can return the funds you have raised.  Please make sure the money is returned in a sealed envelope. Please remember to sign and include this letter with your funds in the returning envelope:

Name (optional):

How much to start with:

How much you ended with:

What  you did:


We wish you the best of luck with your fund raising efforts and look forward to experiencing your entrepreneurial talents for making money!


Yours faithfully

A Servant for God